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OMG they like doctor who!!!!!!!
My mind,my rules.
Degueulasse le mix pourri 😖😱
Doctor who😻
Cuteee | via Tumblr
Tatuaj | via Tumblr
Dr who themed makeup
the dancing cyberman
The doctor
Daft Punk | Futuristic Look
Retinal Implants Help Blind People Regain Meaningful Visual Perception (+VIDEO) | Futuristic NEWS
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Futuristic Look / wearable computers
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Futuristic Look / Cyberpunk, Television Tuned to a Dead Channel by ~PauloMendonza on deviantART
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Futuristic Look / Cyberpunk, Pilot Helmet, Mike Jensen, Future, Futuristic, Military, Total Black
Futuristic Look / Cyberpunk, Future, Cyborg Punk, Piercing, Augmentation, Futuristic, We Are The Future