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Eye detail ~ | via Tumblr ( facebook page )
"Cyan And White Checkered Print" Duvet Covers by KCavender | Redbubble
Dream catchers edit. Version:1
I'm such a melodramatic person
"Cyan And White Checkered Print" Tote Bags by KCavender | Redbubble
Latest Lumia Cyan Software Update for Lumia 1020... http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/mobile/support/product/lumia1020/softwareupdate/
Amanaeheart | via Tumblr
in a cyan blouse
Mystical Blue Apatite and Earthy Rough by theblackstarboutique
 1D lyrics, by PinkAndOverlays on we❤️it , my edit, my art, but feel free to use :)
-PinkAndOverlays on we❤️it. My edit, but feel free to use.
Ice cream
I made this specially for birthdays.. Credits to anyone that make the ombre behind the emojis
It’s for you | le Setie photography
color | via Tumblr