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My shuttle buddy.  When Jon Farleigh was a wee one, he would want to get between me and the steering wheel, so to the back seat he went. On rare occasions, though, for neighborhood rides only, he gets to ride up front again. We were waiting at the bus sto
Folloy your dreams | via Facebook
Dewi to Jon Farleigh: ♪♫ I got some ice cream. You cannot have some. ♫♪Not really. I just happen to think of Eddie Murphy's stand-up routine 95% of the time when I think of ice cream. Isn't that sad?Also, Dewi did not get no ice cream in this picture. But
Fuzzy lips. ♥
Pucker up! Happy hump day!
Jon Farleigh cake? :-)
Three things worse than Monday, by Jon Farleigh: 1) Being 12 inches tall 2) Having no thumbs, and 3) A closed pantry door.   I'm not even kidding. It's totally the pantry door (the little stinker). Captions, anyone?! | via Facebook
This face should get away with a lot more. :)
Heeey, whatcha doing back there, man?! Dewi: Shut up, I'm concentrating.(oops)☺
OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder : Photo
The Chronicles of Cardigan: Tacky Cardigan With Words on It: In a Parallel Universe...
Happy happy!
Baby (5 mos.) Dewi with giant ears! :)
Because it's Monday, I thought I'd reveal Dewi's dead beetle imitation. (Why do beetles always die upside down? Isn't that weird??)
It's Wednesday! Go on and pass some wind if you want to! Cuz I think Dewi just did. :D
"'Scuse me. Are you lost?"
This little sweetie swiped my camera case at the Cardi party when I wasn't looking. :) The quality of the shot wasn't great, so I played with some effects to get her expression to come through. I think it looks pretty cool!
The Chronicles of Cardigan: That Picture Don't Make a Lick of Sense: Sibling Rivalry
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Happy Memorial Day!
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