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Fluffy corgi
Corgi | via Tumblr
I hear the train a comin'. It's rolling round the bend. I ain't got to chase one...in I don't know when (like ever). Stuck in this here kitchen, and time keeps draggin' on... - Jonny F.
Cy-borgi. The next generation of Corgis. 🐺😎 

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Easter with this cutie
My sunny (5.5-month-old JF) boy.  Mondays after holidays should always come with a little bit of this, right?
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How about some puppies for your basket? :D Third dog from the left - GUESS WHO? Yes, that's baby Dewi, with 3 of his (4) littermates: (L to R) Kirby, Penny, Dewi, Anwyn (Jacklyn - not pictured - was already in her forever home). ♥
Aw | via Tumblr
I just want a corgi ok??
Pretty corgi!!
Corgi nose!!
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