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Copyright: Sara Rested Suri, Copenhagen in Denmark (sarasuri4321 on weheartit)....Taken in Caorle in North Italy 2014
Tour Manager: Concert Photogs Who Want Payment for Social Media Use Can 'F*** Off'
Amazing tower❤
The copyright page
Hahahaha xD true
My photography. No copyright.. 🌙🌙💕
Regardless of the you’ve prepared, copyright your own songs, lyrics, sheet music and in some cases full albums of documented music. Additionally, it only takes a few moments online.
Made by me :)
Hello everybody! I'm Brazilian but my late grandfather was German! Yesterday took the game Brazil X Germany. And For Those Who did not: Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany. I was sad but now I'm hoping to Germany! ♥ So: GERMANY ♥ GOOD LUCK!
We gonna win Xp :$ in The first 7:1 ....than #:0 xD .....JØHN Ox
Good luck, boys! You will make it♥
Can Things Get Any Worse? || GirlyGirl546 || REDO! (With Subtitle) || Graphic by Pariz_Love
Nicki Minaj Rihanna
bby {lol the copyright) 🌸
Lumia~ on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1475633306003050&set=a.1452466801653034.1073741828.1449684885264559&type=1&theater | via Facebook