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Live Love Heal Optometrist Necklace Optometrist by LulusStampings
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keep smiling
contact lenses without make up ^~^
Contact lens <3 i never knew my eyes were so beautiful :-)
EOS New Adult  (blytheye) Brown will add a touch of magic to your eyes. Free shipping!
halloween '14
The touch of sexiness GEO Grang Grang (Big) Grey gives is overwhelming!
Obtain the look you wish to have every day with GEO Twins Hazel. Free shipping!
1 day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism     強生每日拋棄型隱形眼鏡 (散光專用)     30片/盒; 30 lenses/box                            價錢 (Price): HKD$230; CAD$36                                     ------------------------------                                     直徑(DIA): 14.5m
Contact lenses
By: Inna (ivikiko)
Hyuna with coloured lenses.