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"I had to learn what I've got & what I'm not & who I am"
They were my little secret... And now I have to share them with the world
I simply refuse to go back to that woman 💖
❤️❤️❤️ yes you
Be proud of yourself.
So proud 👏👏👏💕
Nominated For A Teen Choice Awards- Music
YAY!!!! #4years!!!
I cried too hard
he has come so far
Next time they go back, they will have at least one #1 album in over 100 countries and a nearly sold out stadium tour. (:
You were twelve, Percy. Can you believe it?😢💙
No matter how far you have come in life never forget were u came from and were u started.
7 years of Kidrauhl :')  | via Tumblr
Where it all began. Kidrauhl.
Don't give up
❤He just grew up right infront of us