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Perfect cold day.
Coooold ❄
Ice cream
miss bipolar. | via Tumblr
Love this song.
pink lemonαde [i guess?] 🍋 ♡ pc; originαl owner
Outfits para todas tus posadas -  15 a 20 :: Desafía las reglas
I seriously wanna go Christmas tree hunting 😋
Fashion & Style en Twitter: "Great jacket and boots. http://t.co/NrjuWXUt0s"
I wanted to share another photo with you all tonight because as a fan, I would want the same 📷😉 Love, Ben Mancino
Fashion & Style en Twitter: "This http://t.co/gjBvu2wNa9"
Fashion & Style en Twitter: "Cute coat! http://t.co/tWOuEOKUXa"