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by Monika Stodolnik
Fit Female
Fit Female
Eat Healthy
Dinner day 2: 1 cup gluten free pasta, pan fried broccoli and spinach
Lunch day 2: 1 clementine, 1 cup of strawberries
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Healthy food
Fit to Print | via Tumblr
Fit to Print | via Tumblr
Dinner day 1: 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli with soy
Credit Instagram: @marisalaue Blueberry banana smoothie
Lunch Day 2: 1/2 of a whole wheat wrap with spinach, baby tomatoes, and tuna salad *also a full glass of water*
What's in my fridge 😁 (if you live near a trader joes I recommend shopping there!)