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Meeting Sir Christopher Lee
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost | via Facebook
Am I the only one here? - 9GAG
Rhapsody of Fire & Christopher Lee - Magic of Wizard's Dream HD Battlespace version - YouTube
This man is just a god
try not to cry :'(
WoW, what a cool dude. Always been a fan.
Christopher Lee and Melissa Stribling in Dracula, c. 1950s | via Tumblr
The Edge of Night | via Tumblr
Dark Masters ~ Christopher Lee, Vincent Price & Peter Cushing
Saruman | via Tumblr
Christopher LEE / Corinne's portraits
Saruman | via Tumblr
Saruman | via Tumblr
Saruman | via Facebook
Let’s Boogie & Wake The Dead by Christopher Lee | via Tumblr
Christopher Lee as Resurrection Joe in Corridors Of Blood (1958) | via Tumblr