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Characters: Germany - Chibitalia - Italy - Holy Roman Empire/HRE
Chibitalia =b= meme
Chibitalia =.= sacro imperio romano > :<
Chibitalia& Romano & Holy Roman Empire (A/M:Hetalia)
I love you more than anything in the world, and even the death can't seperate us. (Character: Holy Roman Empire/HRE & Chibitalia) (A/M: Hetalia)
Most adorable ship ever!~~
Déjame amarte~!
Amo a SIR
Chibi Looooove~~♡
mre T ∆ T
HRE x Chibitalia
Chibitalia cosplay                         J( = // b \\ = )
Oh look... Chibimano's stuck in your screen...
*laughing hysterically*
One of fav Heta pairings <3