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Necesito una foto así e.e
Schmidt || Nov 2, 1990 || Big Time Rush || Dweamew ©
OM NOM (feat. Big Time Rush) ✨✌🏻️💖😂❤️✌🏼️💦😍👍🏼😊😄 || SO KAWAIIIIII💖💖💖💖💖 || Love Me Again — BTR || Dweamew ©
A little improvement of my BTR EDIT! || Rusher 4EVA! || DO NOT STEAL THIS! || Dweamew ©
BIG TIME RUSH EDIT || Please do not steal this, claim this as yours, report this ( i mean why would u do that? It's not even offensive), or delete this in any circumstances. It's my originality, creativity, and my work. GIVE CREDITS IF YOU WILL PROMOTE OR
Así de simple
Extraño tanto a mis monoperros
A Big Time Rush time rush collage
New but old Big Time Rush picture
Big Time Rush.❤
His wife