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The real question
Haha yes! But my class still doesn't know about the K-Pop. I'll tell them next year! ✌️😉
I luv this song!! Btw it's called 'justice'. And the song is about bullying! I really respect those things! RayJun woop woop~~ 👌😍
They're mine!! -> This is a warning! I'm not responcible for any consequences! ✌️😇
FINALLY!! My dream has just come true!! Me and YoonSeok in the same picture!! I can now R.I.S.!! ✌️😱😍
Haha, oops... I luv that app! It's really funny how they can react on stuff! 👌😂
Yeah thanks! Now there's no going back... ✌️😔😉
Some C-Clown! I will keep on posting my top 9! Don't worry! I ship RayJun btw ✌️😘💕
YoonSeok! Marry me or marry each other! Why you no do this?! 🙏😇😉
(1) Twitter
(1) Twitter
Happy birthday KANGJUN :3  Follow me on insta 😄 😆
In case of Oppa, run like hell at them! 👌😎
If you wanna talk, that would be really nice! But please don't stop at 'hello'! Answer the damn questions... 😓😔✌️
Haha, bye! NO MERCY! 😉👋
Ikr! As long as she doesn't read the fanfics it's ok 4 me! 👌😉
Thanks mom! Does that has 2 make me feel better? 'Cause it doesn't! 😢