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Louis Vuitton Bracelet
A rice Pearl bangle combined with coral beads.One size fits all.  Priced at $18.  Http://www.eds-creation.com.sg
Pink Lace Skirt
leather braceletwrap braceletwomen braceletbraided by chicfavor
Fαshionfull | via Tumblr
Vintage Style Flowers Bracelet Shabby Chic by baronykajd on Etsy
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Gemstone Skull Bracele
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Lovers Hemp Bracelet  Lock Key Couples Hemp by youyouspace on Etsy
all cz infinity bracelets
Anchor braceletinfinity braceletlucky braceletlover by linlinshen
Lovebird braceletinfinity braceletlucky by linlinshen on Etsy
Handmade Just Beachy Fire Agate Bracelet
Antique Vintage watch Personality wristwatch by bracelet2013