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Yesterday | via Tumblr
She fucking rocks it. I can't wait to have this mentality.
Henna tattoo
Finally got my "The Glam Guide" copy 😎
love yourself & everyone else will follow suit 💕
Accept yourself, I guess. Even if no one else does.
She looks fine to me.
It's okay to feel beautiful as you are. You may not be picture perfect, but you're worth the pictures anyway.
It's like a weight of my shoulders, Idk, when I finally decided I was okay as is and I could change if I wanted or stay the same.
Be comfortable in your own skin.
You know, I think we all have a right to feel like not the scum of the Earth if we're anything less than a rapist.
Idk. I'm tired of unrealistic goals; looking at skinny people tends to make me feel hopeless rather than inspired. I look at her and think, "Maybe I can do that."
guys and their high expectations 😒
Your body image
body positivity