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 fashion bib Necklaces only $4.99...click to buy | via Tumblr
Watermelon Necklace  beaded necklace by BrightFloralJewelry
Necklaces only $0.99 shop ,click to buy | via Tumblr
Long Fringe Necklace  Sterling silver Tie by DaliaShamirJewelry
“We fall in love with people we can't have.”
“I don't know where we're going, I don't know who we are.”
Bohemian bib necklace
Vintage 50s 60s bib bead necklace in pinks and reds
A twist on the school girl skirt.
“I'm afraid to say, it's been a while.”
Red Aventurine chips short necklace with natural by Tmlccreations
My own creation😊
Black-blue Bib Statement Necklace
 beauty bib necklace,only $3.99 shop,click to buy | via Tumblr
Boho pandant necklace, Only $2.99 shop...click to buy | via Tumblr
boho Necklaces only $2.99 shop,click to buy | via Tumblr
Leaf statement necklace "Urius" by OlizzJewelry #olizz #jewelry #etsy #gift #necklaces #leaf #spring #wedding
Statement Necklace by BrightFloralJewelry