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~Always... ︶︿︶❤
~little sad,right?︶︿︶❤
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made myself
~will you listen if i tell you...?
~Nobody's perfect.. ❤
“ I can only love you most when I love me best. ” ~ Steve Maraboli  http://excellentquotations.com/quote-by-id?qid=97151 http://excellentquotations.com/quotes-by-authors?at=Steve-Maraboli
Latest Best Quotes on Diwali Festival | 2014 Happy Diwali Msg
The next day
I adore writing my poetry
I love you and keep supporting you no matter what lee sungmin<3
Always give it a try ❤️❤️
~you ❤__❤
John Green ❤️
~Mine ❤