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When you're in one of those moods...
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Its okay
Football (or soccer as the 'non-Brits' refer to it as) is the most popular sport in the World. Millions of people play, at various levels, every single day.	http://www.betterfootball.org
The football season is upon us, and if you're a fan, you're going nuts already. You are looking at the rosters; you are analyzing the performances that you've seen with the preseason games.	http://www.betterfootball.org
If you are looking for a fast way to become a better football player, here are my suggestions and tips. The first thing I suggest you do is write down your goals. Remember when making your goals, don't make them too broad.	http://www.betterfootball.org
Would you look at that
People really wearing it to......see ya
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I would sleep better with you
I'm emotional
It's better :/