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Barça ♥️👌🏼
Barça ♥️
Some people don't believe in heroes , but they haven't met Masoud Barzani
May God be with you protect you and keep you safe cause you are my last hope General Mansour Masoud Barzani qurbani ta bm amanate khode bey inshalaah 🙏🙏🙏
The magnificent
The Adventurous
The General 
The lion
The one and only hero we have

You have done so much for this country that can not thank you or we don't know how you are one of those humens that the whole world loves you even though they haven't met
Azbani inshalaa de qurbani we khake bm aw to pe le dani gyan hnde hama qurbana ta bm barzani
❤️N❤️ you are my everything
Qurbana ta bm ❤️
I'm soo sad 💔💔
Qurbana ta bm zorr mando boy i will give hou my soul my hero general mansour barzani 😘😘🙏🙏 khodan dga ta da bit inshalaaa
Yaser❤️ nooh ❤️ God protect you both of you inshalaah 🙏🙏
Gyane mn qurbane ta bet 😘😘 inshalaaa da tamane mnish heta sar tamane ta
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