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Bailamos Bachata 💕
Go hear him sing on instagram for all you girls that love bachata no joke🙅 hes amazingg 💕😩 im posting this cause im just obssesedd👌
Prince royce
Bachata music
Bachata my dance for live
Umm, who doesn't 💁💃❤️
Bachata singer
Jesusito bebe :3
Romeo Santos,mi amor ♥
GUYS CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY DREAM I WANT THE TICKETS PLEASE LIKE TO THE LINK 👇 FOLLOW YOU BACK I PROMISEEEE https://m.facebook.com/FirstRowProductions/photos/pb.432657666765429.-2207520000.1406698159./797040490327143/?type=1&source=54
Heading out to #bachata class, and so loving  my  #captainamerica tee.. I had to start getting my tee's in the kids session @Target they fit a little better then men small. Oh right selfie  🙈🙈🙈
El baile primero, el mundo despues
Eres Mio 💙
Prince royce 😍