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I came across this article today and I found it disgusting. It's pathetic to even care about someone's body, it just seems like this is all our society focuses on. Girls shouldn't be treated and seen like this; its mean and I wanted to bring awareness to
Scream until your voice shakes!
Been looking for my sanity ...
This hit me hard.
September childhood cancer awareness month. We need more than a month. Remember the lost supporting the fighters . 💛🌟🌼💛
The holidays can be a difficult time.  Please take care of yourself
.... and that's pretty badass
The Oprah Magazine November 2011 volume 12 Number 11 Find Your True Calling
Care bear #breastcancerawareness  💗 🐻. 🎀
Chronic poker
Why NOT me?
Things I miss most about life BCI
Happy Holidays!
Can You Remember
Happy Holidays
You're a superstar!