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La vie en Rose.. What I'd Do To Have You Here, Darlin, I Wish You Were Here, Sweet<3 of my Life
Don't Give Up! Just Reach Up! Spread Your Wings Across The Universe, Darlin, to Fly.. | via Facebook
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Special Olympics 2015
Yes bitch i'm mother☁☁☁☁in princess 👑
My queen
Avril Lavigne
I Like Your Smile, Darlin.. I Like Your Style, Princess, But That Is Not Why I <3 You, Sweet<3 | via Facebook
avril lavigne
Avril Lavigne
La vie en Rose.. Salom Kitty! ~ Hello Kitty
La vie en Rose.. I <3 Your ^_^ Darlin, But That Is Not Why I <3 You, Sweet<3
Avril Lavigne
On celebrating of the Birthday 30 in the Las Vegas, Sept 27 2014 year
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Band. They asks: What's play? _Here may be only a single answer! Best Damn Thing! Smile of the Darlin Girlfriend! _Let Go! all Toghether! | via Facebook