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I think of you and everything's okay. And finally now, believing. And maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
moon woow
The Sky from Mauna Kea
Milky Way Rising
Milky Way rising over the Sierra Crest @yosemiteNationalPark
#Astrophotography #CatchingLight
Behind a Yellowstone forest devastated by fire, the Milky Way thrives in the night. | via Tumblr
Eye of the Cosmos
babydoll | via Tumblr
‪#EPICJAVA Milky Way above #Santolo #Beach #Garut #Java #Indonesia #Astrophotography #Travel  | via Facebook
Daz's Astrophotography
Galáxia M81 - Ursa Maior
wit beyond measure
12 am
Hubble’s modern art | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Hubble sees a flickering light display on Saturn | Flickr - Photo Sharing!