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Russia ♥
XDDD oh my gorsh yeas!!
Gratulerer med overstått, Norge.
Hetalia | Pinterest
Japan angel !!!!!!💥( the others angels pictures are in my hetalia collection upstage )💥!!!!!!
Denmark angel
Greece angel
another collage this time Prussia.
Another amazingly crappy edit I did making it hetalia~!!! England and France!! woo what am I doing with my life~?! ;w;
Hetalia wallpaper
poor England... Q.Q France why....? how not to take over a country; France probably got his butt kicked when England recuperated plus a huge scolding lol.
number #1 in all the wrong places~ TTwTT
Aph America be like....
Another Collage of Mine~ Hetalia England And America/America And England; Family And Friends For Life lol.
( ☆ )
Crying. T-T