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International Anti-Fur Coalition | via Facebook
True cost of a Canada Goose coat? | Daily Mail Online
The Wolf Howl Heard Around The World | via Facebook
(1) indie | Tumblr
Save Wild Life
Stop animal cruelty
Two Texas men, ages 63 and 55, charged with animal cruelty after ‘fatally mutilating a horse by cutting off her genitals’ | Straight from the Horse's Heart
i DO NOT support animal testing for cosmetics!
(4) 5,000 buffaloes sacrificed in Nepal's ritual,... - The Times of India | via Facebook
(4) Luciana Alvin | via Facebook
(4) Luciana Alvin | via Facebook
Against animal cruelty
Respect † | via Tumblr
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Omg this is soo sad 😢 people are mean!! Pray for Oogy!
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Truth is spoken.