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Upside down building into a bottle of water ! - Gubbio, 2013
wallpaper HD
Zhang_Shengwen._L'enseignement_de_Bouddha_Sakyamuni.jpg (2024×1688)
Egnazio Danti. Detail from Anatolian Peninsula with Ancient Toponyms and Middle East, 1565.
Beautiful summer house ☺️ it is sweety for living
i still have plenty of time | via Tumblr
the death of socrates
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Single Tree In Mist And Fog
Here we do see the full battle
Deer, Unicorn are ridden by Monkeys seemingly in battle
Monkey and Maiden with Unicorn
Monkey and Maiden with Unicorn
Monkeys fighting with Unicorn by their side
Onondaga Odysseus byAlphonso Much Artist