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Mhmmm .
Im so gonna try thiss
Ok so alot of people i know are suicidal, i have been there i alway spend to much time helping people out of it and forget about myself sometimes people dont see the pain or we just try smile it off like its nothing but that feeling inside us is there and
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Let's have a little faith, people.
Of course !
Who wouldn't :)
Listen to this quote!!!! I feel so stupid because i ignored someone and now im in love with them!!! I MEAN IT!!!!! Do not ignore this quote!!!
This dose not come without dedication
I know i put this in another collection. But if a guy or a girl want you to listen to their music, LISTEN TO IT!!!!! They like you alot and want to share something special with you! Also have them listen to your music to show that you care!!!😀
This helps alot when decoding a boy trust me. The boy one is true. And for the guys, i know i like a guy if they make me smile so the girl one is true too.
How to Overcome Adversity: 20 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Keep walking
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