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work together, find balance.
Books are a way to go on adventures you can only dream of.
Abandoned Mental Hospital
‎Event of the Day‬ : Happy ‪‎Daffodil‬ Day... It is the ‎Cancer‬ Society's annual flagship event which bring Hope and ‪‎Support‬ to ‪‎Fight‬ against Cancer. Daffodils are a universal symbol of hope and ‪‎life‬, and they’re at the centre of the ‎American C
just focus and keep aiming, you're going in a great direction.
find your stride with teammates by your side
back to the studio.
stride for stride, find strength in motion.
Superstar 👟
Good Morning 🍎🍌🍉🍇
Active sneakers : Zapatos Zapatillas
EventoftheDay‬ : Happy ‎Dream‬ Day... It is the time to ‪‎relax‬ and ‪‎enjoy‬ Dream Day by organising a special ‪dreamevent‬, where a gang of ‪‎friends‬ ‪get together‬ and talk about your dreams...!!!
heart if you will try these 💗 by the way, penguini is my kite and twilight is my cat (in case you were wondering what those meant) 😊