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Woman smiling....
In the eye of the sun on the high seas - http://www.andoreza.com
2 brothers out of the gray - http://www.andoreza.com
3 Powerful Sisters - http://www.andoreza.com
Darkness eating the setting sun - http://www.andoreza.com
Leaving the storm for the warm sun - http://www.andoreza.com
alice | via Tumblr
Big orange sunrise - http://www.andoreza.com
Orange sunset over the anger seas - http://www.andoreza.com
Standing guard over the orange sunrise - http://www.andoreza.com
The last great wave – Endurance - http://www.andoreza.com
The lone century - http://www.andoreza.com
Out of the storm into the yellow sunrise - http://www.andoreza.com
Sailing into safe harbor - http://www.andoreza.com
Beach on fire at sunset | http://www.andoreza.com
Circling The Exploding Sun | http://www.andoreza.com
Standing against the waves | http://www.andoreza.com
Red sky in the morning over rough blue seas | http://www.andoreza.com
Stampeding waves into the sunrise | http://www.andoreza.com
Rolling waves on the Red Sunset | http://www.andoreza.com