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This Rescuer team Was Brought manny To Tears When A Abandoned Poodle Did The Nicest Thing! Please Share and make a small donation! ~ Log For Play
#4 ~ Adopt a shelter dog
twins! :DD....stray twins :( | via Facebook
Doggy <3
Malina <3
Wuornos Neeson | via Tumblr
Save the stray dogs of Romania! http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Save_the_stray_dogs_of_Romania/?cCIRWab
"Salvar a un perro no cambiara l mundo, pero con seguridad el mundo cambiará para ese perro"
Doggy :) | via Tumblr
Animals in the News - In Focus - The Atlantic
50 Incredible Photos Of Animals Taken In 2011
- Animate Your Life.
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