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Sabrina Fabian Harton
Star Wars
Star Wars
4,5 months old LENA Contact:Bosphorus Bulls Kennel/Facebook
4,5 months old CONTACT:Bosphorus Bulls Facebook,Berkant Gülsevim and Monika Gülsevim
4,5 months old LENA bull terrier female puppy Contact:Bosphorus Bulls Facebook
Lena Stena AS-W 4,5 months old female bull terrier CONTACT:Bosphorus Bulls Kennel Berkant and Monika Gülsevim İstanbul
LENA 4,5 months old brindle bull terrier female. Contact: Bosphorus Bulls Türkiye,İstanbul Facebook/Bosphorus Bulls
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My love
Morning run with happy dog 🐶🍁
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