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Flora, Fairy of Nature - Believix Princess
 Good By Blue Sky by Diesel-420 | via Tumblr
Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun - Believix Princess
My Art ^_^ render and resources credits to the owner
TrishRenard aka Trish (Russia) - Broken Stare, 2012      Photography
Set the world on fire
CocoKingsolver aka Coco (USA) - Street Life, 2014      Photography
Youpheh aka Claire (New Zealand) - Creature Breather 2, 2009     Paintings
Victoria Strehlau (Moryń, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland, 1994-2013) - Lyophilization from Preservation series, 2011        Photography
JUST DO IT. by pixege on deviantART
Just Do It! by akhilkay on deviantART
Lizzy-John - Goodbye, 2012       Digital Arts: Paintings
Lizzy-John - Goodbye, 2012       Digital Arts: Paintings
Alterlier aka Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor (Colombia) - Children Of The Red Night, 2014      Digital Arts: Paintings
J-acques aka Sirlonie (France) - Reise, 2010      Drawings
(12) Noy Oka | via Facebook
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