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Cassie Cage
Ronan Lynch
La Exuberancia de Hades | Un rincón para el Arte, desde las Tinieblas hasta la Luz
Sargent Calhoun as Fix-it Felix
Carnation Lily Lily Rose John Singer Sargent - Гвоздика, лилия, лилия, роза — Википедия
Ronan Lynch
Ronan Lynch
Richard Gansey
Blue Sargent
Blue Sargent from Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle.
Blue Sargent, credits to Tumblr 👏
Countess Clary Aldringen (Therese Kinsky) 1896
ni idea
Kermit Roosevelt by John Singer Sargent
touch me like that afternoon | via Tumblr
The Raven Cycle