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Black Gold Online - Steampunk Fantasy MMORPG coming soon from Snail Games
my ps3, my enjoi panda & me. No, i'm Not a mainstream gamergirl, just because i'm not ugly & Not fat.
A Drawing I Made
A Drawing I Made
Tera online
Unless you are a panda and join the horde. Betrayal.
Perfect World - New Horizons
Жду тебя в Идеальном Мире! http://pw.mail.ru/static/lp/17/?site_id=1_1328_80715_0&p=1328&c=276fc&referrerid=10339470
Shantoto in FFxiv
Sad face :(
Arcanist :)
Fireworks <3
Best MMORPG 2015 - Top Upcoming MMO Games - Blog by mmoxgamer - IGN
Tera fan art
Cute Tera fan art