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Un día común!!
Art by Bernie Wrightson | via Tumblr
Bride of Frankenstein Glossy Poster Print by ShayneoftheDead
Famous Monsters #112 (1974) cover artby Basil Gogo | via Tumblr
Frankenstein monster | via Tumblr
Boris Karloff and wife Evelyn | via Tumblr
Frankenstein monster by Jack Davis, 1967 | via Tumblr
Cross-dressing Frankenstein | via Tumblr
Horror nails
Bride of Frankenstein | via Tumblr
The Frankensteins
big daddy | via Tumblr
Frankenstein | via Tumblr
Rockabilly pin-up | via Tumblr
Frankenstein (1931) | via Tumblr
Super cute Frankenstein jar. Great decoration or fill with candy and give as a gift. Perfect for teachers, coworkers or yourself.