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24mm without plugs ♡
My baby :)
●You were my only one...♥
Johnlee Photography
Me. Follow my instagram; Jurassikpark34 :3 ❤
SEQUIN Beads 12 PINK Beads 24mm Big Chunky by SpecialSparkles
girl panic | via Tumblr
girl panic
girl panic
2PCS - Oval Lady Cameos - Caramel - 24x18x5mm on Luulla
8PCS - Rose Flower Cabochons - 24mm - Resin - Crimson, Gray, Sienna And Rosy Brown - Cabochons By ZA on Luulla
Fotos da Linha do tempo
girl panic
girl panic
Large Honeysuckle Pink Rose On Black Brass Filigree Ring - Adjustable - Jewelry By FIVE on Luulla