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Y esto es poco, lloro acabo de ver Right Now en el WWAT en Milán que hermoso
Hope you like it <3 Follow me on twitter please https://twitter.com/StealMyLiam1D
From the 1D Official Book app!😍💚
The "1D " Family
Wonder land :* 1D family
Esto demuestra aun mas lo excelente persona que sos
we are 1D family ♥
Concert One Direction *•*
3 and a half years of unforgettable memories!
One Direction
we are the 1D family..❤️🇬🇧
Omg!! Yes. She's so big already 😊☺ Directioner4life1D
instagram: @niallsaddiction ♡
instagram: @niallsaddiction
Really disappointing to hear this. Paul is still family...... 😢😣😵😭