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Good babies.
Grufti Girl circa 1980s, Glitched | via Tumblr
Harrison Ford, 1980s | via Facebook
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game, 1980s | via Tumblr
The Lost Boys | via Tumblr
The Lost Boys | via Tumblr
Debbie Harry 1977
Vintage 80s Hippie Woman
Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers | via Tumblr
Animated GIF: MTV's House of Style | via Tumblr
Ciruelo Cabral | via Tumblr
The Breakfast Club | via Facebook
Patrick Bateman
Lee Friedlander, Kyoto, 1981.
Ghostbusters 30-year anniversary by USA Today | via Facebook
Popeye (1980) | via Tumblr