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#1YearOfLollyVideo | via Facebook
This is my kitten Fender, he was abandon by his mother when he was about 1 week. I couldn't leave him so I raised him with a bottle. He is now 1 year
 I miss u bæ
wrecking ball
#1YearOfBabyIMusicVideo look at you now Ariana, look at you now, Im so incredibly proud of you
#1yearoftroyler ❤️❤️❤️
1 anno insieme, mille emozioni che rivivrei ogni giorno.. Ti amo❤️
Throw shadows away | via Tumblr
Love this guy with all my ❤️
Strangers in 1 year
studio sessions | via Facebook
A year ago today you were taken from us Lee 💕 I love you so much and there's not a day goes by that I wish you were still with us 😭 I hope you're resting peacefully up there and keep looking down on everyone and keep smiling buddy 👼
1 year
Janoskians blog - #1YearTalkDirtyDance