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Haha :'D
Basically TRUE.
Peace is something we all need more of
I think most people would say you'd be depressed if you were your own Bestfriend, but it really is a good thing 😊 Try not to hate yourself, no matter what people say 🌹
I love all of my 11 pairs of converse! 😍
'I recognise hearts and souls. I do not recognise religions and ethnicity.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar
Directioner - Belieber sis♥♥
Amazing Miley 😍
Against bullying!
And the world is not as evil as everyone makes it seem
Not my picture, but shortened the picture!
#CuteSaying 💕
Dear girls, why don't you wear a paper bag on your face instead of hiding it with this new hand pose.   Instagram: Kim.Rayess
WAZZUPP yes I is looking ugly as ever...judge me will ya