I'm A Hurricane

Just a lot of words that don't have sense without the others. All in this world is connected with a meaning, so the words too. Let's enjoy reading, let's read enjoying.📖

soft sunshine. epitome of "world's nicest badass". denim jackets. child actor turned director. born and raised in toronto. afro-taiwanese.

A happy little hufflepuff that lays her focus to make everyone happy, but sometimes we forget ourselves. Coffe, coffe, popcorn and coffe.
Original character till' "faithful" (Harry Potter world story)

•Words, quotes, texts & other things I've thought of lately•

// Ivy Stylinson Healy //
// Ivy Stylinson Healy //

@IvyStylinsonHealy13 The Aesthetic Indie Hipster  


@Amys0ul It's early Monday morning and I am in pain. Viskningar och rop (Ingmar Bergman, 1972):