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Late teens. Dormmates with Abby and Lynn. Excentric, beautiful, popular, spontaneous, adventurous. Loves to travel, hates school.

Late teens. Genious. Lots of Life experience through travelling and moving fosterhomes. Complex relationship with mom. Into litterature, psychology, philosophy and politics. Liberal, bisexual, sapiosexual, polyamorous. Straight A-student. Honest, sarcastic, a bit cynical, fears attachment and loss of Control. Rebel, non-conformist. Always busy. Struggles mentally. Expert with mental breakdowns. Questions everything. Activist With strong political opinions.

Late teens. Comes from a refugee Family, struggles With the way society identifies her. Just wants to be herself, a western, liberal girl and artist. Admires van Gogh. Parties a lot. Lesbian that hides her sexual Identity from Family. Hates School, dreams about studying art.

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