Some cuteness to make anyone's day better.

Have you ever met someone so bright they light your way? When you try to get lost with them you end up finding yourself? Always an optimist, painting flowers and fellow stars in gold paint. Turning dull days bright, her friends need to shine like the suns in neighboring galaxies. She never ceases to amaze the people she touches..but her heart is set on one moon..she wants to create stories and memories to last a lifetime. Question is, will you be in hers?

her first and only love was pizza and dogs| mythology nerd| obssesed with llamas, milkshakes and smoothie| i love art but art doesn't like me| hate horror movies| love read and watch tv shows|very honest| dog lover| small but angry| modern mind classic heart| loves all the colors (but have a crush on pink) | sarcastic but funny| weird as fuck