directioners are the best and you can't deny it

Just some memes, horoscope shit, and things I found funny.

I don't even need people. Just give me pencils, colours and I'll be the happiest person alive ❤

Harry is not just kind. He's an angel, he's more than kind.
I love him so much, no words in this world can describe how much I love him. 
He saved me and made me who I am today, and I can't be more grateful. 


@n4sjan Yalnız kalmakla ilgili bir sorunum yok. Sadece nefesini sevdiğim birinin yakınlarda olması beni rahatlatır…  

Paola de la Ree
Paola de la Ree

@vanessa_dlrm Makeup ❤✨✨