Outta Time

Out to sea It's the only place I honestly Can get myself some peace of mind

Art that inspires me 🙏🏻✨💖🦄

There's like 3 ocs in this collection, but who cares, right?
However, if you're cool...
There's Phillip (Phill for short). He's like this cool edgy badass type, who enjoys street racing, money and stuff. But he's a beautiful ace child ☆☆
Then there's his twin brother Toma, who is supposed to be nice and caring type, but he's a bitch.
And Mary, who has purple hair and dates Toma or something. It's really hard to surprise her though
Long story short, they live together like one family :]]]


@mia_ys Can you kiss me...?!  


@la2580 Exactly what I'm doing..