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Four teenagers are in detention when suddenly the teacher that was watching them was murdered, they hide the body that until now was never found. Now they keep getting messages of someone named "?" That know all of the others sins they did, now they have to discover who is this person while trying to not die, because other muders are happening in the school.

Art is love. ❤
Art is life. 👑

Cor misteriosa, que associo diretamente com a noite e o signo de Escorpião. Preto é elegância sem exageros.

Elegance, sobriety ... Dusky.

Scorpio Sign (zodiac) - The Black's friend.

OC: Rachel Roth / Raven
Depressing high school student at day, loved superhero at night

Desperados ✧*
Desperados ✧*

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@FreezingQueenN1 I wish I could wear 60's makeup everyday, but that would be going over the edge.: