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Honestly, eating vegan and healthy was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds are so delicious! I found out that I love so many things I didn't even know about! I adore hazelnut butter, raw cut veggies with hummus, brokkoli, whole grain pasta, zoodles, soup, tofu, coconut milk, all kinds of salads ... healthy is definitely not boring!
And btw its good for the environment, your body and even your purse!

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@njanicecillia Best kind of meal! Baked potatoes, greens & avo 😍 Bought some vegan pumpkin + sweet potato bites that I'm keen to try out tomorrow, haha food gets me so excited!!! 😝Whats your favourite dinner?! 🙌🏼  


@njanicecillia REAL food and PLENTY of it 🙈👌🏼🎉 Steph and I cooked this last week and filmed a MUKBUNG video on her channel @happyandhealthy96 check it out for some real talk haha 😂... ALSO today's video is a •whatiatetoday• up now on my channel now👅👅