Your Feelings

Magical time of the year, as the autumn also the winter are specific because of the atmosphere , because of fire In your soul even when the hell is freezing. 🌬
Also do not forget about holidays and festive feelings💙✨

Maybe we're all just stupid fools, I don't know
We hold onto an already finished love hoping for a chance
It's not that I still have feelings for you
I know we can't work out
Sometimes it feels like I'm drunk
It feels like my insides are going to burst
Cries come up my throat making me throw up
In my imagination, we fight and make up, and I understand you
Your hand gestures, your eyes
They have faded but not gone
Why won't they they go away?
— BTS - Let Me Know

Isn't it fascinating how others can put all your feelings into words ?

A quote will always express your feelings, when you can't.

"oh kelsey"
artsy n sad adventure boi
"drown every single one of your feelings
in old stolen rum, learn to love the taste of it
dripping down your throat,
find comfort in the warmth coming from your stomach,
you're drinking bottled love now,
you don't need other people to drive away your loneliness,
you just needed to find a way to talk to it "
**how to never stop being sad by dandelion hands**

Wear what you want, buy what you want and show us what you want. Never ever explain your fashion taste, because they will not understand. It's your style and your feelings, sparkle that everywhere ☆


@DarkHarmony420 Gotta do what you gotta do🤷🏻‍♀️  


@JesusChristFirst Feelings don't win arguments