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La Lisa may be not that beautiful but certainly has a strong and memorable face, she was separate from her family very young and become a warrior as a child, now she is the right hand of the king, and is looking for her family, she's strong and will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Gùnna is an original book character of mine. She was born in the 8th century, to a poor family, and was sold to prostitution at a young age. She was rescued by Brandr when his viking warriors raid the brothel she was in. After some time, while Brandar took care of her, she fell in love with him. They got married, and since then she is his councelor and wife. (Book: Viking Jewel)

Family is not an important thing. It's everything

He's a young shape shifting witch, trying to figure out what do to leave his past and family behind him

"It was the male nurse in that one hospital that made me realize I'm bisexual!"

"Your sexual awakening sounds like the start of a bad porno"

I used to travel quite a lot with my lovely family (father, mother, sister, uncles, aunties, grandmother, and cousins) and had study tours since in the elementary school to amazing places and met new kinds of people i never seen before. I found it so exciting, fun and adventurous. So I guess me and every young and old people should travel more and have a fantastic experience through it as it can wider our perspective about life...

nct u (😪), nct 127, & nct dream ! they're honestly all the nicest & supportive idols & even tho they're split into three sub units they're all 1 big family !

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