Yellow Field

Honey and sunflowers and wheat fields.

Something to fill the v o i d and make up for all those missing pieces of you
Like I could only dream to do

Summer; Yellow; Bright; Flowers; Fruit; Lemons; Fields; Cars

Yellow ♢ Brown ♢ Amber ♢ Honey ♢ Chartreuse

Fields, Flowers, Meadows, Sunlight, Summer, Bees, Books, Indie, Country, Home Decor, Photographs, Vintage

You will never find a soul as pure and honest as hers. She runs through fields of sunflowers and dances through storms of darkness. She will call you out and bring out the best in you because she knows that you are so much more than the shadows that you hide in. She will drag you into the light with a lovely perspective that will cause your skin to glow with love for everything. Don't lose sight of this ray of sunshine.


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@idkaeee i have never seen a real sunflower patch in my life